Live Show Excerpts 現場演出選段

南音遊記 —— 行到邊・唱到邊 (中西區)
Singing Nanyin as We Go at Central & Western District, Hong Kong (20 Jan, 2020)
〈云云鑼鼓與二絃、洞簫、箏、舞台官話即興〉 “Wan Wan” Improvised (2019)
〈文鑼大開門〉 Grand Opening (a traditional Cantonese Opera tune) (2017)
〈漢宮秋月〉 The Palace under an Autumn Moon (a classical Chinese tune) (2015)
〈罵玉郎〉Complaining about a Lover (a classical Cantonese Opera tune) (2015)
〈一錠金〉 A Piece of Gold (a traditional Cantonese Opera tune) (2014)
〈說唱花語〉On Flower Language (in Cantonese) (2018)
〈江河水〉River Water (a classical Chinese tune) (2015)
〈妝台秋思〉Filled with Thoughts at the Dressing Table on an Autumn Day (a classical Chinese tune) (2014)
〈胡奎賣人頭〉Wu Fui Sells a Skull (a Cantonese Operatic Song) (2014)